How to Generate More Marketing Leads

September 23, 2021

When sales and marketing teams work together rather than in their own silos striving for their own targets it can be a wonderful thing. The two teams are ultimately working towards the same goal in promoting and selling a brand, product or service so it begs the question why so many sales and marketing departments keep themselves to themselves.

As a marketing team you’re tasked with creating great collateral whether it’s a blog post such as this, an eBook that shows your expertise or a traditional marketing campaign that builds brand awareness - but what’s the point of it? To generate new leads for your sales team to convert. 

Without a marketing team working at the peak of its powers an in-house sales team is always going to struggle, and without a sales team operating with a full pipeline the business itself is never going to be able to grow (financially or physically). 

So, today’s guide will explain how to generate more marketing leads through a variety of different methods, as each business in each sector is different, to help you keep a steady stream of new prospects coming in for your sales team to work on.

Landing pages and on-page content

Your website is your company’s digital shop window. As we all know, people love window shopping even when they have no intention of making a purchase, but they still like looking around to see what’s available. The same is true online. Just because someone isn’t ready to make a purchase right there and then doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, and looking on your website is the modern way of doing their research on the virtual high street.

Your service or product pages should always contain plenty of relevant information, not simply specifications, to ensure that you are engaging and informing people at all stages in the funnel ranging from those visiting for the first time to do their research through to those looking for one last detail prior to making an enquiry or purchase.

As a marketer these pages are usually known as landing pages and represent entry points, and when you work in certain sectors these pages will include on-page forms for potential customers to enter their details to learn more or receive something, such as a newsletter or a call back. You need to be making sure that the content on these pages is engaging enough to capture the attention of the person on the site, and then enticing enough for them to provide their contact information that your sales team can then use to assess the temperature of that lead and then sell the relevant product or service based on their enquiry.


A key strategy is prospecting, but it’s one that a lot of sales and marketing teams overlook. It can bring in all kinds of new opportunities and, most importantly, the contact details you need to reach out to prospects and engage them in a conversation. 

At HeyProspect we collate all kinds of contact information for businesses around the world ranging from the company address and background details like when they were formed, the name of the Founder and even financial data, through to contact details for decision makers such as heads of marketing or new business. 

This information is collected in a legitimate, accurate way and is available to utilise from your HeyProspect account, which you can see for yourself by signing up to our free trial here. The information can be tailored according to the sectors and locations that are most relevant to you, allowing you to identify the most suitable prospects for your next marketing or sales strategy.

Once you have the contact details for a decision maker you can pass them to your sales team for them to approach the prospect and assess whether or not they’re the kind of business you want to work with before being offered a chance to pitch for a new project.

Social media

Social platforms are the go-to for all forms of research these days, and it should be a key part of all marketing strategies - especially those that operate to bring in more marketing leads. 

While platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for engaging with current and potential customers in a more relaxed manner, it’s LinkedIn that represents the best opportunity to engage potential leads professionally. The platform is not as widely used as the others, but from a business perspective you want to treat LinkedIn as a place to connect with potential prospects and engage them in a conversation which might eventually lead to a pitch or sale. 

The main reason why we rate LinkedIn so highly in terms of marketing and sales strategies is because the people you speak to have to accept a connection request, rather than seeing all forms of communication as you can on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Once the connection accepts you have the opportunity to engage with the content they are posting personally and sharing from their business account, and to send direct messages that open the door for further conversations. 

Email marketing

A highly effective marketing tool, email remains a popular weapon of choice for most marketers. With the ability to craft all kinds of creative campaigns and schedule messages to recipients all around the world using email marketing platforms, you have the ability to send tailored messages to contact lists built through on-site subscriptions and registrations so that you can craft your message to meet their needs. 

Newsletters and campaigns are highly effective forms of communication and you have the chance to promote new offers and services to existing and potential customers alike, ready for your sales team to convert. Anyone on each of your email lists is a potential customer having already shown an interest and who you are and what you do, and it’s just a case of engaging them in a conversation in the form of sharing their email address or phone number to find out more; or getting them onto the site and onto a checkout screen. 

However you do this, it’s your role as a marketer to promote your brand and range of products or services to the best of your ability. Whether it’s a major Black Friday sale, a short-term deal or the launch of a new product; you’re the one who takes on the responsibility of marketing lead generation ready for the sales department to work their own magic. 

To gain access to the contact details of more than 9 million decision makers in businesses around the world, sign up to HeyProspect today and start generating more leads for your company.

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