HeyProspect Updates

As well as constantly building our extensive company and contacts data day by day, the product team is adding new features each month so you can get the most out of HeyProspect for your sales data and prospecting needs.

We are always listening to our client's feedback. Any ideas for us, leave us some product feedback!


Get notified when company contact details have been updated in your lists.

When you add companies to your lists, we run a series of tasks behind the scenes to see if we can find more information about these companies or if there have been any updates since you added them to a list.

If the system finds an update, you will see a red dot alerting you to the fact there is an update in one of your lists. When viewing your lists, you will see an announcement icon against the list with an update; clicking on this will let you know what has been found/updated.

We have plenty more features in the pipeline that will improve and make your lists more powerful!


Find out more on how to get the most out of HeyProspect

We have added a new section into Sales Academy Called "Using HeyProspect", this is full of videos explaining how part of the product work and how to get the most out of using HeyProspect for your sales prospecting.


New Tenders Resources in Sales Academy

We have added a brand new section to the Sales Academy called Tenders, new resources are being created all the time to help you understand the Tendering process, how to win more tenders, plenty more to help you build successful tendering processes.


New Formations Tab

Explore the new company formations within the UK with this new Insight Tab, see when they were incorporated and view any other information we have found about them.


You can now save tenders to a custom list

Our team have added the ability for you to select and add tenders to a named list, so alongside your company lists, you can have lists of tenders you are interested in.

The kinds of lists we see people using are;

  • Lists of tenders you want to apply for.
  • Lists of awarded tenders you want to reach out and approach.
  • List of Future Tenders you wish to track and apply for in the future.

Allowing you to group tenders you want to look into later in more depth, ones you might want to apply for, potential


New Sales Academy Redesign

We have updated the Sales Academy with a fresh new look! We now have a featured article section that showcases a resource we feel everyone will get the most value out. Alongside the featured article section, you can now see the most popular articles people are downloading, allowing you to identify the best the HeyProspect Sales academy has to offer.

So go ahead, take a look at the new look Sales Academy, find something that will help you prospect and close more sales today!


Hey Prospect - New Look, New Feel

You will now notice the navigation is at the top of the page with dedicated pages for your Lists and Searches. We removed the dashboard, taking you straight to the company search page and searching through the millions of companies we have catalogued and tabbed the individual company details for ease of use. 

Hear from our Lead Designer, Angelina, on the reason for these changes. 

“At HeyProspect, one of our main priorities is bettering our platform for the most optimised user experience. We found that our current experience was slightly confusing and not very user friendly. Therefore, taking this feedback on board, we have simplified the design to be more practical and efficient. Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback by getting in touch.”

We have loads more User Experience improvements in the pipeline so watch this space! 


HeyProspect Now has Tenders!

We have started adding old, current and future tenders to the companies held in Hey Prospect. You can now filter by companies that have a tender and then see information about that company and better know the company issuing the Tender. 

We search and categorise Tenders from many sources both in the UK and the US so that we can allow you to find the most relevant tenders to your business, get all the information you need about that company and successfully tender for the work. 

To see these, search for companies using the `has tender` flag, this will then return all the companies that have a tender. Then you can further filter these companies based on the preference of the companies you look to work with. 

We have loads of plans for Tenders in the future, from increased tenders to better filters. 


Recently Viewed Companies List

If you are on the free trial or a subscriber to HeyProspect you will now have a default “Recently Viewed Companies list” this list gives you a place to view all the companies you have recently viewed. 


New sales academy resource - How to deliver the ultimate demo

Delivering a fantastic demo is essential in sales processes. Here we outline 8 tips for a successful demo including how silence is essential and data is key!


New sales academy resource - Driving Revenue with a digital event

Businesses world wide use events to drive revenue into their business. When the global pandemic meant that all business events were unable to go ahead during various lockdowns 


New sales academy resource - Why you should run digital events

In this Ebook we talk about why you should run digital events, the advantages of doing them online and how to get the most from them.

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