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Find and track your ideal prospects using our database of 9 million companies.

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Allowing you to find and get to know companies and their people, explore tenders, generate and export targeted lists.

Financial Breakdowns

Filter for the size of a company based on their reported financials (UK only) and only do businesses with companies turning over a specific size. Full financials are on show so you can better know your prospects.


Use our sales academy to improve on prospecting, pitching, tendering and the end-to-end sales process.

Market Research

Research your target market with ease! Through the advanced filters, you can drill down to companies you are interested in and start your research from there.

Telemarketer lists

Need to build a telemarketing campaign for a specific industry? Create lists of relevant companies with phone numbers and Reach your ideal customers!

Email Marketing Lists

Need to build a cold email campaign to a specific target audience? Create custom niche lists, export the company or contact details and reach your most desirable buyers.

New Companies

Perfect for companies offering new business services (accountants, marketers, web agencies) wanting to find newly incorporated companies in specific industries and locations.

Awarded Tenders

Find companies who have been awarded tenders; this could be a good sign of a healthy growing company. Or a company that could need help delivering the scope of the tenders.

Future Tenders

Get a look ahead at published Tenders that will happen in the future, so you can plan and gear up your company and processes ready to successfully apply for them.

Current Tenders

Tenders that are current and in the Request for Proposal stage. Find relevant tenders in your location and require the services you do. Save tenders to a list to come back to later on.

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Save up to 67% of prospecting time using Hey prospect vs Googling the companies yourself.

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